1442 Mount Pleasant Street

Perched high on the hill overlooking the rest of Highland Park, this two-story craftsman home enjoys an ideal location, elegant, unique, and original features throughout, and a long, rich history. Originally constructed in 1911, 1442 Mount Pleasant - also known as the Heninger house - was one of the first in the area and has been in the Heninger family for over 100 years.

Family History

The home’s original owner and builder was a building contractor, Harrison Heninger.  Harrison and his brother Martin are renowned for having developed much of early Santa Ana. In 1906, the brothers and their families moved to the Santa Ana area and purchased over 70 acres of farmland. They planted trees, put in curbs and sidewalks, and built over 150 houses within 12 years. By 1920 this area (known today as historic Heninger Park) was almost completely built up. By 1922 it was reputed to be the finest residential area in the city.

1442 Mount Pleasant was completed in 1911, and Harrison lived there with his wife Flora until his untimely death in 1915. She would survive him by many years and live in the home until her own death in 1946. Flora and Harrison chose this particular location for their home in LA because they wanted to be close to Occidental college so their son could attend, and be a convenient distance to the city without having to look at it. As fate would have it, their son Walter would attend Occidental as would his first wife Dorothy Renner Heninger. 


This home has no original building permit on file, as Los Angeles County did not issue building permits until 1927. The cost to build this home was $3,198 which was typical for the time. The architect is not listed however, it is believed Heninger built and designed the house himself. This was one of the two earliest houses on the block.

 As it stands today

As it stands today the Heninger house offers 2,908 square feet, with four bedrooms, three baths and an office. This house sits in a prime Highland Park location, just a short walk to Occidental College, and is very private. New owners will enjoy magnificent views from the large porch and main rooms, as well as the opportunity to customize this home to their own tastes. Gorgeous original design features such as stunning glasswork, lovely built-ins, and elegant fixtures are found throughout. The driveway comes up the back of the home leading to the detached garage. This property is potentially eligible for listing on a local inventory of significant properties due to its association with a pioneer Southern California family, its preservation, and prominent location in the neighborhood.